Edmund Reid
Biographical Information
Edmund Reid
Canterbury, Kent
Professional Information
Police Officer
Friends and Family
Emily Reid (deceased)
Bennet Drake, Homer Jackson, Donald Artherton, and Frederick Abberline
Jedediah Shine (deceased)
Love interests:
Deborah Goren (season 1)
Jane Cobden (Season 2)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:
Matthew Macfadyen

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Born 21 March, 1846) is the Detective Inspector of H-Divison situated in Whitechapel. He was at the head of the Ripper murders along side Frederick Abberline and Thomas Arnold. He is the main protagonist of Ripper Street and works together with Sergeant Bennet Drake and Captain Homer Jackson to solve the murders and other crimes of the area. Throughout season one he is obsessed with clearing Whitechapel's streets of criminals. He is frequently visited by Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline and harassed by Frederick Best. He gives his wife, Emily Reid false hope by saying their daughter might be alive and she leaves him after he tells her she's not. In season two Reid falls into conflict with K-Divisons Inspector Jedediah Shine and hatches a scheme with Drake to kill him. After Drake leaves Reid dismisses Jackson and becomes even more obsessed with his work. In season three Reid, Drake and Jackson are brought back together to find who is responsible for the Leman Street locomotive crash. Reid finds his daughter, Mathilda Reid in the process and proceeds to leave Jane Cobden to look after her. He confronts Ronald Capshaw, who he believes is behind the crash but Susan shoots him before he can do anything. Reid recovers and finds a way to murder Theodore Swift with Susan as an accomplice. He leaves London from Hampton by the Sea in Kent, with his daughter for three years. Until then he is called back to London in season four by Deborah Goren to help declare Issac Bloom innocent of being the Whitechapel Golem. Reid follows the case through the whole season and continues to undermine Drake's authority. Reid then pursues Nathaniel down into the tunnels with Drake and Jackson. He is last seen screaming in anguish over Drake's body.  

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