Frederick Abberline

Fred Abberline
Biographical Information
Frederick George Abberline
Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard
Blanford Forum, Dorset
Professional Information
Police Officer
Friends and Family
Edward and Hannah Abberline
Emma Beament
Martha Mackness
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:
Clive Russell

He was the leader of the 'Jack the Ripper' investigation along with Edmund Reid. He was born January 8th 1843 and died in December 10 1929. Throughout the show he was displayed during his time as Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard. He was a good friend of Reid's throughout the series and sheds crucial advice on certain cases. In season one he appears in 'I need Light', the first episode to investigate what appears to be another Ripper murder. He is then a recurring character declaring Homer Jackson 'Ripper' towards the end of the season before he takes a holiday after the investigation is done. He returns in season two to oversee Edmund Reid and Jedediah Shine to stop their fighting. He then helps Reid with an investigation concerning the IRB and helps bring Jedediah Shine to justice. In season three he advises Reid to leave Whitechapel for his own good. Abberline then commissions Drake to Detective Inspector and tries to coral Reid into thinking sense. By the end of the season Abberline had helped Reid, Drake, and Jackson with the investigation of the Whitechapel Locomotive Disaster before his retirement with his wife and that is the last we see of him in the show.

Historically Abberline did lead the Jack the Ripper Investigation and was a good friend to Reid. However he did retire in 1892 when in the show he retired in 1893. In 1892 he received eighty four commendations and awards and took of the European Agency of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. He then died within his home in 1929.