Theodore Swift

Theodore Swift
Biographical Information
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:
Ian McElhinney


"A Man of My Company" (First Appearance)

"What use our Work" (Recap)

"Ashes and Diamonds" (Mentioned)

"Your Father, My Freind" (Mentioned)

"Heavy Boots" (Archive footage)

"Live Free, Live True" (Reappearance)

"The Peace of Edmund Reid" (Reappearance/ Death)

"The Stranger's Home (Name Written)

"A White World Made Red" (Indirectly Mentioned)

"Edmund Reid Did This" (Mentioned/ Name Written/ Photo/ Corpse)

"Closed Casket" (Mentioned/ Name Written/ Photo/ Corpse in Photo)

"A Brittle Thread" (Mentioned/ Name Written)

"A Last Good Act" (Mentioned)

"Occurrence Reports" (Mentioned)

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